Life @ Inked

We foster creativity and fun.

Headshot zoe
Zoe DiStefano

Brand Director

I was welcomed to Inked with open arms… and balloons! I am consistently impressed with the efficiency at which everyone works, making smart decisions at the ground level. I am in an environment where I am set up for success, utilizing my current abilities and fostering new valuable skills. At Inked you are surrounded by fierce leaders in the influencer commerce space and I am honestly in awe of the caliber of product we produce. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
Headshot ryan
Ryan Jenkins

Director of Warehouse Operations

It is very satisfying to watch the full process of product conception all the way through packaging and delivery to our customers all over the world. I have been a part of this team for almost 6 years and I am still amazed at what this talented group accomplishes day after day. Everything from development of amazing products to execution of creative marketing campaigns, and fulfilling thousands of customers orders with record speed and accuracy.
Headshot anna
Anna Cox

Brand Specialist

"Inked is such a unique and exciting work environment. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities, and each project is met with enthusiasm and a contagious collaborative spirit. This team is bursting with productivity, creativity and support for one another. I am beyond thrilled to be part of Inked!
Headshot skylar
Skylar Earnhart

Customer Experience Specialist

Working at Inked has helped expand my knowledge and skills while providing me the opportunity to explore my creativity. Every role is exposed to and involved in the exciting things the total team is achieving. Seeing all the work that's done here is so inspiring and rewarding! The coffee is pretty good too.