Life @ Inked

We foster creativity and fun.

Zoe DiStefano

Brand Director

I was welcomed to Inked with open arms… and balloons! I am consistently impressed with the efficiency at which everyone works, making smart decisions at the ground level. I am in an environment where I am set up for success, utilizing my current abilities and fostering new valuable skills. At Inked you are surrounded by fierce leaders in the influencer commerce space and I am honestly in awe of the caliber of product we produce. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
Headshot kenton
Kenton Glass

Lead Developer

I can't say I've ever worked for a more productive, skilled and caring company in my professional life. There's something to be said for your coworkers feeling like family, and loving the work you help produce. And I certainly believe Inked provides opportunities for both as a team, company and partner level.
Jasmine Jones

Senior Designer

Inked gives me the ability to shine as an artist. It allows my work to reach across the globe through product design, gives me a platform to teach my craft and helps me make new connections in the industry. I get to do what I love everyday, and work alongside the best people while doing it.
Headshot naiwen
Naiwen Cui


I adore the passion, creativity and dynamics Inked has brought to my career. In working with our international relationships, I've been able to develop my knowledge in organization and applied economics. The coffee is pretty good too.