Life @ Inked

We foster creativity and fun.

Headshot sarah
Sarah Biscan

Graphic Designer

I believe in the excitement of color, the satisfaction of problem solving, and finding pure joy in making other people happy. Being a part of Inked fosters these beliefs and allows me to infuse creativity and intention in each product I design.
Headshot kenton
Kenton Glass

Lead Developer

I can't say I've ever worked for a more productive, skilled and caring company in my professional life. There's something to be said for your coworkers feeling like family, and loving the work you help produce. And I certainly believe Inked provides opportunities for both as a team, company and partner level.
Headshot andrea
Andrea Hales

Account Manager

Hard-working, collaborative and focused are the first three words that first come to my mind when I think of Inked's employee base. Everyone understands the role they play in helping the company reach new heights, and we're expected to engage in strategic decisions and openly offer ideas and suggestions. I especially enjoy picnic table meetings in the sun and the comradery that comes from our morning and afternoon "coffee calls".
Headshot naiwen
Naiwen Cui


I adore the passion, creativity and dynamics Inked has brought to my career. In working with our international relationships, I've been able to develop my knowledge in organization and applied economics. The coffee is pretty good too.